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Daifonai Herbal Bath is a traditional formula handed down for many generation, and has undergone improvement to meet today’s needs. Its unique formula and ease of use has proven effective for modern day mothers, and its natural herbal ingredients are free from artificial colouring and preservative.  Indication:(For external use only)  Daifonai herbal bath is specially formulated for mothers during their post-natal period as it help to expel tummy wind (via continual use for 30 to 40 days) . This product can be used during spa or shower, as it helps to relieve tension, stress, fatigue and improve blood circulation.  Method of Application: Place one packet into a container of 18 liters water(can also put some ginger). Boil, then leave to simmer for 10-15 minutes. Then allow to cool to a suitable temperature (or add in the boiled water) before showering with it or wipe over the body with a towel as an external skin cleanser. This product also can be use for spa . If not replenished, the lack of ‘chi’ or inner energy can cause low immunity to disease. The ‘cold air/chillness’ can easily enter the body and cause ailments such as headache and pain around pelvic area and joints.  Doing the laundry, washing the dishes or taking cold showers exposes the women to the ‘chillness’ which can cause the body temperature to drop and the blood vessels to contract leading to pain in the joints or rheumatism.  Bathing with ‘Daifonai’ can and will prevent this from happening because the medicine penetrates deeper into the skin which improves blood circulation and the overall health of the new mothers during ‘confinement’. In addition, ‘daifonai’ also improves the skin complexion.  Research has shown that women especially older women, suffer from rheumatism more than men. This is due to doing washing and household chores during confinement which cause the ‘chillness’ to enter their system. Bathing with ‘Daifonai’ will protect new- mothers from developing joint point or rheumatism later in life.  Ingredients and formula :  Blumea balsamifera:expels wind, prevents postpartum bone pain and headachesCymbopogon citrates:cures dropsy and rheumatic painsVitex negundo:cures eczema and rashes.

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